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aesthetics are easily adaptable but years of knowledge and training cannot be quickly learned.


Book Design

To purchase any of the following please click on the following titles:  Everything I Know I Learned From Rock Stars by Bill Paige

GELSTRONG by Mark Gelinas  Out The Door! by M.L.Collins  

A Beautiful Resistance  by various authors  

Ten Thousand Smiles by Peter Lagarias  UNBLINKING LENS  III by Wayne Schoenfeld





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Li Pallas' faith rests firmly in the power of asymmetry, chaos, imperfection, agency, and secrets shared in pillow forts that illuminate the innate altruism existing potentially/kinetically inside you. She has been steeped in the traditional old school techniques of form and function, such as minimizing the use of orphans and widows and the mathematics of constructing a formal grid, and takes great pride in boldly imbuing these methods into striking contemporary arrangements. She takes on print and digital graphic projects of many shapes and sizes but prefers projects that reflect her aesthetics and ethical concerns. She also writes theory. 

She self devised a major in "Relational Design" from Prescott College and holds a masters in Artist Books from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. She has been practicing graphic design since 2010.

 "Li is a very accomplished graphic artist. She is an excellent listener and observer and is able to translate your vision into a much appreciated work of beauty!" 

                              —Pam Broom, Director at The Reconciliation Institute 


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